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10 Tips regarding ticks in dogs & cats

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tick embedded in cat skin
  1. Check for ticks every day regardless of whether you use a prevention or not.
  2. Feel for the tick, don't just look. You’ll feel them before you see them.
  3. Frontline Plus needs to be applied every 2 weeks to control paralysis ticks.
  4. There is a new tick collar for dogs we have available that doesn't smell!
  5. In cats you need to use frontline spray every 3 weeks, the spot-ons don’t work for ticks in cats.
  6. Know the signs of tick paralysis:
    1. weakness and wobbliness in the limbs
    2. difficulty breathing
    3. choking & bringing up food
    4. change in the sound of the voice/bark/meow
    5. collapse
  7. If your pet shows any signs seek treatment ASAP.
  8. If you find a tick just remove it any way you like (half a tick is a dead tick and won’t produce any more toxin).
  9. Leaving the head in is generally not of concern in animals.
  10. Tick paralysis can be fatal. Despite our best efforts some animals don’t make it. If they are only mildly affected they are likely to recover with treatment.

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