Bianca Peters is a dedicated Veterinary Nurse at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital, where her commitment to animal welfare shines through her work. Bianca's educational journey in veterinary care began with Cert 2 in Animal Studies and Cert 4 in Veterinary Nursing through Open Colleges, setting a strong foundation for her career.

Joining the team in 2017 initially through work placement, Bianca quickly became an indispensable part of Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital. She was offered a casual position that soon evolved into a full-time role. Bianca specializes in the medical care of patients admitted to the hospital, a testament to her skill and passion for veterinary nursing.

Radiology stands out as Bianca's area of special interest. She is fascinated by the ability to diagnose and understand animal illnesses through imaging, making significant contributions to the treatment of sick animals. Bianca finds profound satisfaction in being part of the journey from diagnosis to recovery, improving the quality of life for the animals in her care.

At home, Bianca's compassion extends to her own pets:

I found my cat Sonny as a stray when he was about 4 weeks old abandoned and trapped, he was smaller than my hand at the time. I would have never thought he would have grown to half my size!

Outside of work, Bianca enjoys an active lifestyle that includes going to the beach, having picnics with friends, and exploring local tracks with her dog. She also actively participates in the local oztag competition, showcasing her team spirit and connection to her hometown of Dapto. Growing up in Dapto, Bianca has always been a proud member of the community, cherishing the bonds and memories she has formed over the years.

Bianca Peters' combination of professional dedication, personal passion for animal care, and active community engagement make her a valued and beloved member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team and the wider Dapto community.

Bianca Peters