Lara Vickery is a dedicated and skilled veterinarian at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital. Her educational background is impressive, with a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Bioscience from the University of Sydney in 2016 and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours from The University of Queensland at Gatton in 2021.

Since graduating in December 2021, Lara has been a vital part of the CAVH team. In her relatively short time here, she has already gained significant experience in a variety of medical cases and has been expanding her surgical skills. Her special interests in veterinary medicine include emergency cases, caring for medical patients in the hospital, soft tissue surgeries, and a particular fondness for older pets.

Lara finds her work in veterinary care immensely rewarding. She relishes the opportunity to be involved in fascinating cases, continuously learn new things, and collaborate with the community to provide the best care for their beloved pets. One of her greatest joys is witnessing pets recover fully and reunite with their excited families.

At home, Lara's companions are two cats, Joey the ginger ninja and Mia, a tabby and white. Their favorite pastimes include playful antics, TV-watching, and fish tank gazing, filling her home with joy and activity.

Outside the clinic, Lara has a variety of hobbies. She enjoys gardening, finding the process of nurturing plants and watching them grow particularly fulfilling. Lara also loves exploring the outdoors through kayaking, bushwalking, and beach visits, as well as engaging in art and craft activities.

Lara was motivated to join CAVH due to her desire to work in a family-owned practice with a supportive culture after returning to her hometown of Wollongong.

A fun and adventurous fact about Lara? She's a world traveler, having visited twelve countries so far, and has an exciting trip to Japan for skiing planned.

Lara Vickery's combination of professional dedication, passion for animal welfare, love for the outdoors, and adventurous spirit make her a valuable and dynamic member of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital team.

Lara Vickery