I'm Darth Vader, affectionately known as Darthy, the whiskered face of Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital. You'll often find me either napping in the most unexpected places or charming everyone with my curious antics.

As the clinic's resident feline, I have a few important duties – chief among them, ensuring that no bag of pet food in the waiting room remains uninvestigated. I consider myself the unofficial quality control expert, and I've been known to occasionally 'liberate' some kibble from bags for a quick taste test. It's all in the name of customer service, of course!

My adventures don't stop there. I have a bit of a reputation for being a tech-savvy cat. How, you ask? Well, let's just say I've mastered the art of 'marking' my territory in the most high-tech way possible – by occasionally mistaking computer screens for my personal canvas. It's my way of adding a bit of flair to the clinic's paperwork!

When I'm not busy with my food critiques or tech endeavours, I'm the go-to cat for comfort and cuddles. Whether it's offering a purr of support or simply being my adorable self, I'm here to brighten everyone's day.

In my downtime, you'll catch me bird watching, playing with my favourite toys, or seeking out the sunniest spot for my well-deserved cat naps.

Proudly part of the Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital family, I share their passion for caring for pets – and adding a bit of feline fun to the day. So, when you drop by, keep an eye out for me. I might just be in the middle of my next great adventure... or just ready for some head scratches and a friendly chat!

Darth Vader