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Pet Obesity Challenge

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Does your pet need to lose weight?

Why not join Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital's "Pet Obesity Challenge"!

It's a great way to help your pet lose that extra weight. It will make them feel and look healthier.

How does it work?

  • It all starts with a free information night and your pets first weight-in session on Tuesday 26th March at 6:30pm.
  • All pets receive a starter pack including:
    •  a set of scales to weigh out their daily intake of food
    • information on Royal Canin Obesity Diet and why it's the best diet for your pet's needs. 
    • a free bag of Royal Canin Obesity Diet to get them started
  • All pets come back every 2 weeks for a weigh-in to record their current weight and percentage weight loss.
  • The pet with the highest percentage of body weight lost over the course of 3 months wins a hamper full of prizes for your pet!

Obesity in pets can cause problems such as osteoarthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease causing harm to your pets health.

Royal Canin's Obesity Management Food is a high quality diet designed to help your pet safely lose weight and still receive all the nutrients they need while losing the weight. Obesity Management also has joint support to maintain the mobility of highly stressed joints and fatty acids to produce optimum skin condition.

Book now for the free information night and first weight-in session on Tuesday 26th March at 6:30pm. Just call us on 42619838 and ask to speak to Bekky or send her an email

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