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Kitten Kindergarten

Set yourself and your kitten up for a good start in life

This is a course for all cat lovers

If you:

  • Have just purchased a kitten
  • Are looking at getting a new kitten
  • Are adopting a cat
  • Would like to understand your cat better

This is the course for you

Based on Kindy Kindy™ originally developed by world renowned veterinary behaviour specialist Kirsty Seksel this course will you, the cat owner with any age cat to:

  • Understand your cat
  • Know how to look after the health care needs of your cat
  • Know how to use positive reinforcement to train your cat
  • Know how to look after the emotional needs of your cat

and even..

  • teach your cat how to sit!

What to bring?

  • Your family! Ideally the whole family should attend.
  • Your kitten’s favourite treats
  • A secure carrier

Our classes are run by our qualified, fear-free certified veterinary nurses. 

We only use positive, rewards based training using the latest training techniques. 

What do you include:

  • Kitten Kindergarten is a 3 week course 
  • The first component of the course is online and included in the course fee
  • 2 x 1 hour evening / weekend sessions
  • Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 kittens to ensure you and your kitten receive the attention you deserve
  • Graduation Certificate

Where and When?

Classes are run at Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital in our Cat Cove


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  • You need to complete the online component prior to the first class (this is included in your registration fee

  • Your kitten is healthy

  • Your kitten has had at least their first vaccination

  • Your kitten is between 8 and 12 weeks of age at the first class. Families of older cats and kittens are welcome to
    attend too. However, your kitty might be happier if they stay at home, and you give them the run-down when you get back.

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