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Free Pet Dental Month Checkups

Why get a dental check?

By the time dogs and cats show signs of dental disease such as bad breath or having trouble eating they generally will have advanced dental disease, and quite often will end up needing to have teeth removed. Having a dental check can allow us to detect problems in the mouth and discuss preventative measures that can taken to stop or slow-down plaque formation before it results in periodontal disease.

If your dog or cat has smelly breath, or is having difficulty eating, or is drooling, they may have periodontal disease and need to have their mouths checked. During August we are offering free dental checks on your pet. Book an appointment and have your pet's mouth examined to find out if there are any issues with their teeth that need to be dealt with.

Rabbits need dental care too!

It's not just dogs and cats that have problems with their teeth. Rabbits get dental disease as well. Rabbits teeth grow continuously and are vital to ensuring that food gets broken down for digestion. If the teeth are not properly aligned they will not wear properly and this can lead to difficulty eating. Rabbits also qualify for a free dental check.

Dental Disease Treatment

If your pet does need dental treatment we can perform scaling, polishing and dental extractions at our hospital.

Without proper dental care 80% of dogs and 70% of cats will show signs of oral disease by age 3

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