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3 tips for keeping your dog safe in fireworks

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Fireworks can be terrifying for dogs. It's normal for dogs to be fearful of them, but in dogs with a phobia this deteriorates over time and can eventually cause full blown panic attacks. To keep your dog safe on new years eve follow these tips:

  1. Make sure they can't escape. Make sure they are somewhere safe. Dog's that panic will run, they will jump fences, dig out and take off. Lock them in somewhere, do you have a laundry or shed you could keep them in?
  2. Allow them to hide. Rather than running a better and safer response is for the dog to hide. This may be under a bed, tucked into a corner under a table, in a wardrobe or near you behind you. Hiding is a much safer behaviour than flight so encourage and enable it.
  3. Medicate them. Dogs with a phobia need medication. If your dog has more than a normal fear response they should be medicated. The medication will make them feel more relaxed, make them a little bit sleepy, but reduce the anxiety associated with fireworks. If you are using medication it's better to give it to your dog before there are any fireworks as it doesn't work as well if they are already anxious.

If you feel your dog may need medicating you will need to bring them in for a visit so we can discuss the medication with you and how to use it. Give us a call on 42 619 838 to book.

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