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Is my dog too skinny? How to tell- Companion Animal Vets

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We often get asked if poeple's dogs are too skinny because others have told them it is. In most cases the critics dogs are too fat. In this video Mel explains how to tell if your dog is too skinny.

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The Vet Told Me My Pet Is Overweight….AHHHHH!

Overweight fluffy cream dog

A common question that I get, often after advising a patient to lose weight, is 'How much should I feed?'  This is usually followed quickly by the observation that the weather has been a bit wet and they’ve had an operation and their mother isn't well and ....... “I haven't been walking her much”. 

Cat Exercise - not an oxymoron

A cat looking stunned with the message "Exercise- you've go to be joking

Cats, Exercise- The two words are not often seen together, however exercise is important to your cat for a number of reasons.

Cats have not changed much in the 10,000 or so years since their domestication started. Until recently, they were roaming the countryside earning a living. For example, a scottish wild cat can have a territory of up to 40 square kilometers to patrol!

As well as food and exercise, this activity provides another essential component to cat welfare - mental stimulation.

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