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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anxiety in Dogs

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cute dog peeking from behind a gate and sticking their head out a hole and licking their lips

There’s alot of perceived stigma about using medications to treat anxiety in dogs but this is a real disease that causes suffering if not treated appropriately. Here’s why in this case drugs are good....

Generalised anxiety is a common problem in dogs. If left untreated it can result in:

4 Simple Steps to Make it Easier to Bring Your Cat to the Vets

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cranky cat in a travel cage

Choose a cage that is enclosed & can be pulled apart

Cats find a trip in the car terrifying. When cats are scared they try and hide. Hiding reduces their anxiety levels, if they can’t hide their anxiety levels increase more and more with time. By the time they arrive at our end they are ready to explode and some are just impossible to deal with.

A good cage is completely enclosed so the cat can feel like it’s hiding away.

Why does my dog panic when there are fireworks?

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Mintie in a thundershirt

All dogs get scared by fireworks, that's normal. They are explosions after all! The dogs don't know that they're about to go off so are taken by suprise. Dogs with noise phobia are extremely fearful of loud noises such as fireworks, gunshots & thunderstorms. Sometimes even noises such as the lawn mower, vacuum cleaner or wind can cause a noise phobia.

Dogs with a phobia show signs such as:

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