Bravecto Blue Large 20-40kg

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Bravecto is available as a Chewable oral flea and tick treatment for dogs – providing 3 months protection.

Active Ingredients
Bravecto contains fluralaner.


For the control of flea and tick infestations on dogs.

  • Treats and controls existing flea and tick infestations
  • Sustained control of new flea and tick infestations for 3 months
  • Treatment and control of Demodicosis caused by Demodex spp. mites
  • Treatment and control of Otodectes cynotis and Sarcoptes scabiei var canis spp. mites
  • Safe for use in MDR1 breeds
  • Safe for use in breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs
  • Aids in the control of flea allergy dermatitis
  • Highly effective against fipronil resistant fleas.

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