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The good, the bad and the ugly of dog brushes

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Jack the dog enjoying having a brush with a slicker brush

Regular brushing is a great thing to do for your dog:

  • It keeps your dogs coat healthy and knot free
  • It’s a fantastic way to feel all around to check for ticks and to see fleas
  • It encourages healthy skin.

Choosing the right brush though can be very difficult and confusing. There are a large range of brushes and combs available in all sorts of styles. Dog's coats also come in a large range of thicknesses, lengths and hair types.

Why does my dog panic when there are fireworks?

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Mintie in a thundershirt

All dogs get scared by fireworks, that's normal. They are explosions after all! The dogs don't know that they're about to go off so are taken by suprise. Dogs with noise phobia are extremely fearful of loud noises such as fireworks, gunshots & thunderstorms. Sometimes even noises such as the lawn mower, vacuum cleaner or wind can cause a noise phobia.

Dogs with a phobia show signs such as:

Product review: scalibor tick collars for dogs

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scalibor tick collar in box

Scalibor is a new tick collar that is available for dogs. It lasts for 3 months against paralysis ticks and the big advantage is it has no smell! Anyone that has used older tick collars would be aware of the strong chemical smell that they let off- yuk! 

While that is a good point there are downsides to this collar. I would not use it if I regularly took my dog swimming or if I bathed my dog more than fortnightly. 


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