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Product Review: Bravecto, a long lasting chew for fleas and ticks

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bravecto chew


It's an exciting time in the world of parasite control at the moment. First we had a new novel compound available to treat fleas and ticks for a month. Now we have Bravecto, a chew that will kills fleas for 3 months and ticks for 4 months. Controlling fleas and ticks just keeps getting better!

Bravecto is ideal for fitting in with your three monthly worming dose and can be given with other medications such as worming tablets without any issues.

Product review: Nexgard Flea and Tick Chews

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4.1-10kg box of Nexgard Chews

Nexgard is a monthly chew that has been recently registered for dogs to treat and prevent fleas and ticks including paralysis ticks.

Nexgard is the first oral product we have had available to us that will control ticks for the whole month. It contains a novel compound called afoxolaner and is manufactured in Brazil by Merial.

If you live in a tick area, travel to a tick area with your dog or if you have a dog that vomits with Comfortis tablets then Nexgard may be the ideal product for you.

Is your garden poisonous?

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A brunsfelsia shrub

Last week I had a dog called Josie come in because she was tremoring all over and appeared very agitated and distressed. She was very close to seizuring now but had been fine earlier in the evening.

I gave her some medication to make her vomit and along with some bits of plastic bag (she had also got into a nappy earlier in the day, so yes he was a garbage guts) there was some small pieces of plant material and very small seeds.

1 Great Reason to Desex your Female Dog: Preventing Pyometron

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surgical field during pyometra surgery

Meet prescilla. She's normally an active little old dog and because there was no chance of her getting pregnant her owner had decided not to desex her.  Prescilla came in to see me a few weeks ago because she had gone off her food and was very quiet and lethargic and her belly was getting big.  She had been on heat a couple of months ago and there was no way she could have been pregnant. 

Prescilla the dog in a cage

How often should I apply Frontline to stop ticks?

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Ixodes Tick

Frontline is effective for reducing the chance of your pet getting tick paralysis. No product is 100% effective for ticks though so make sure you still check your pet daily for deadly paralysis ticks. 

Frontline needs to be applied more frequently for tick prevention than is does for treating fleas. It is really important that you apply it as directed. 


Use Frontline Plus and apply it every 2 weeks for Ixodes ticks (the paralysis tick). Make sure you use the size appropriate for your dog.

Putting the guts back in- inguinal hernia repair.

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Daisy posing for a photo

Daisy came to visit me last month because she had became extremely unwell overnight. She had been vomiting alot and was in pain and reluctant to move around. When I examined her she was extremely dehydrated and she was very painful in her belly. In her groin we found a large swelling that was painful to touch. I did an ultrasound on it and found that it contained gas. 

Based on these findings she was diagnosed with a strangulated inguinal hernia. 

Shark vs Canine, who should win?

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sharks chopped up into bits

There is no conclusive scientific evidence to prove that any arthritis supplements work, so why bother?

There are some theoretical beneficial effects to these supplements and they may reduce the need or even enhance the effect of other medications. For example we use synovan injections which are a combination of pentosan and chondroitin. There is good evidence that this combination works better than pentosan alone. 

Disease Modifying Osteoarthritic Drugs (DMOADs)

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how DMOADs work

What are they?

There are a number of DMOADs available for use in dogs. The original product available was Cartrophen injections which contain pentosan polysulfate. Since then several generic version have come on the market and there are now several newer generation drugs such as Zydax Gen II and Synovan which have been enhanced to improve their beneficial effects. 

How do they Work?

These drugs work by preventing, reducing and in some cases restoring the damage to cartilage caused by osteoarthritis. 

DMOADs work by:


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