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Why does the ear infection keep coming back?

Stephen examine a dog's ear with an otoscope

Inflamed, painful and infected ears are a common problem for many dogs. While the long, thin and bent ear canal contributes to the problem, not every dog is affected.

The difference between a normal ear canal and and inflamed one is often a "trigger" that tips the scales allowing inflammation and infection to take hold. While there can be many triggers, in the Wollongong area the most common triggers are allergens:

Crusty Rabbit Ears

Matt Young's picture
Rabbit with crusty ears

Rabbits tend to be very quiet creatures. They don’t complain unless they are in extreme pain. Just because they don’t say anything though doesn’t mean that all is OK with them. Their quiet nature also means that they don’t necessarily show obvious signs of pain or discomfort even when it is definitely present.

Take Thumper, for example. He came in because his owner had noticed lumps coming out of his ears. There were a heap of crusts that seemed to be growing out of the ear. These crusts were quite dry and firm but crumbled on the end:

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