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Pigs Flying and Grass Eating Dogs

2 dachshund dogs with their heads buried into grass as they eat it

Is this the end of the world as we know it?

Flying pigs might be something of a concern but despite what Facebook says, I haven't seen any. Grass eating dogs on the other hand, are more common than fake news.

Now some people might think the reason I see a lot of grass eating dogs is that I see a lot of sick dogs - which is true, BUT, I also see a lot of healthy dogs that also eat grass.

“Why is it so?”

said a famous TV science guy and the truth is: we don’t know!

Theories on Why Dogs Eat Grass

There are a number of theories, ranging from health benefits to genetic hard wiring and all may have some merit.

Dogs with stomach upsets or intestinal parasites may chew grass in an attempt to relieve them and grass does have some nutrients that dogs can use. Dogs are also omnivores and plant matter has been part of their diet (at least in intestinal contents of prey) for as long as there has been dogs, so possibly instincts drives the appetite for greens.

Another possibility is may be they just like it. My dogs will chew some grass if I am weeding in the yard, sort of a social nibble to pass a quiet afternoon.

So what to do if your dog eats grass?

  • If your dog is otherwise healthy and just eats some grass from time to time don’t be concerned.
  • If there is vomiting, lethargy, weight loss or diarrhoea as well, then a check up with the vet is a good idea.

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