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Cat fights- keeping the claws from coming out

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Cats play fighting

Cat fights- we've all heard them:

  • That horrible yowling in the front yard at 3am. 
  • The hissing and screaming as they dig their claws and teeth into each other
  • The dogs barking because they hear it all too!

Cat fights are not just a problem for us, they are a big problem for the cats involved. As far as armory goes cats are pretty well equipped- sharp claws, sharp teeth capable of penetrating flesh and unreal flexibility make them a mean fighting machine. If you're the weaker cat, you're in trouble!

Shark vs Canine, who should win?

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sharks chopped up into bits

There is no conclusive scientific evidence to prove that any arthritis supplements work, so why bother?

There are some theoretical beneficial effects to these supplements and they may reduce the need or even enhance the effect of other medications. For example we use synovan injections which are a combination of pentosan and chondroitin. There is good evidence that this combination works better than pentosan alone. 

Disease Modifying Osteoarthritic Drugs (DMOADs)

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how DMOADs work

What are they?

There are a number of DMOADs available for use in dogs. The original product available was Cartrophen injections which contain pentosan polysulfate. Since then several generic version have come on the market and there are now several newer generation drugs such as Zydax Gen II and Synovan which have been enhanced to improve their beneficial effects. 

How do they Work?

These drugs work by preventing, reducing and in some cases restoring the damage to cartilage caused by osteoarthritis. 

DMOADs work by:

Treating Arthritic Pain

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Limping Means Pain

Arthritis is a painful condition

Sure your dog is not howling in pain but dogs aren’t like that. They might be wagging their tails looking to you for attention but that doesn’t mean they are not in pain. 

Make no mistake about it, If your dog limps or is stiff when they get up they are in pain!

Because dogs walk on 4 limbs not 2 it takes a lot more pain for them to limp than it does for us to limp. By the time they become lame they are at a much advanced level of degeneration than us weak 2-legged animals. 

Social dog walk & coffee

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People heading off on the walk

Join us this Saturday the 14th June 2014 at 4pm for a walk out to Kanahooka point and back. 

This is purely a social outing and anyone is welcome to attend. Feel free to bring a friend!! 

Our last walk was a great success and we all had a really great afternoon. It's a fun but relaxing afternoon hanging out with other people that love dogs too!


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